Wireless on the move ...

Fully portable, wireless audio systems so you can be heard on the move.

You don’t need to shout to be heard.

Fully portable wireless audio systems

Need to broadcast on the move? Our fully portable wireless audio systems mean that you can do just that.

Perfect for walking tours, art exhibitions, trade shows or any event where you don’t want your audience to be tied to their seats, our portable audio systems allow you to speak via a microphone and have your voice transmitted to your guests wirelessly. No more shouting over people’s heads in order to be heard!

The applications are endless – from school trips around a museum (where not only do you need to move around, but also need to keep noise under control), to a tour around the city.

The guide simply carries a portable unit and a microphone, and your guests can hear you with crystal clear audio through their wireless headsets.

It’s a great way of blocking out other distractions and keeping people’s attention too!

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