Multi-channel wireless conference audio solutions

Silent disco & DJ equipment hire

Multi-channel wireless conference audio solutions

Ideal for exhibitions, conferences and multi-lingual events – broadcast audio on up to 4 channels simultaneously

Silent disco & DJ equipment hire

Host your own silent disco or silent party event

Silent Disco, Party & Conference Headphones & Equipment Hire In London & UK

We specialise in providing wireless headphone systems for any type of ‘silent event’, from conferences and exhibitions to theatre, cinema, parties, and silent discos. Our headphone systems offer up to three channels of crystal-clear audio, ideal for business and professional events as well a unique experience for special social occasions such as a family party.

3 channels of audio

3 channels of audio

Transmit up to 3 channels of audio – voiceover, live PA or music
wireless transmit and receive

Fully wireless receivers

Fully wireless, rechargeable headsets. Fully portable transmitters also available.
control listening volume

Shhhhhhh ......

Control your listening volume in noise-sensitive conditions

Family Isolation Pack

To stave off the boredom we are now offering a “Family Isolation Pack” of 4-10 headsets with a transmitter, so you can have your own mini silent disco in isolation at home! The cost is £90 for the weekend or any 2 days hire, including DPD courier delivery/collection….just get in contact if interested!

New To Silent Events & Equipment Hire?

There are more applications of our silent event equipment than you could name, but the principle is simple: our systems allow you to transmit up to three different sources of audio (music, soundtrack, voiceover, live PA) to your audience simultaneously using advanced, crystal clear wireless headphones.

Whether you’re looking to host a multi-lingual conference, a trade exhibition or a unique and unforgettable headphone disco party, the Silent Event systems – which are available for hire – can make it happen. We cater for events large and small, whether that’s a big birthday party in London, or a business conference with colleagues across the UK, we’ve got you covered.

Why Host A Silent Event, Party Or Conference In The UK?

Holding a product launch for clients from around London, the UK and rest of the world? No problem, you can deliver your message in several languages at the same time with our headphones.

Want to hold an event where excessive noise is a problem? Or want to allow your guests to choose which audio content they want to hear? Easy, with our headphone systems you can make as much noise as you like, transmit it to wireless headphones and the wearer can select which version they want to hear.

Looking to host a truly memorable event, but worried people won’t like your music? Don’t stress, no longer does the grandmother of the bride need to listen to drum & bass – let your guests have their choice of soundtrack with our wireless conference audio equipment!

lady with wireless headphones participating in a wireless conference
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Why Chose Silent Event?

Silent Event can support you with your silent disco, party or conference across London and the UK. We can help you have the best experience with our wireless, multi-channel audio equipment. We have a variety of silent disco and DJ equipment available to hire too, so we have you covered for every event you have planned this year.

What Events Can You Hire Our Headphones & Equipment For? 

If you’re planning a silent event, you may be wondering what equipment you can hire or even if you can hire it for your event. Below is a small list of some of the events you can hire our silent headphones and equipment for:

  • Silent Party
  • Silent Conference
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Cinema
  • Silent Theatre

Interested in hiring our audio equipment across the UK? Is your type of event not on our list? If you’re planning a silent event and need high quality audio equipment, get in touch with our team today. We can advise on the pricing, what is best for your event and what is included. Hire our silent disco equipment today and give us a call.