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Wireless conference audio hire from Silent Event

Silent Event conference audio facilities can add a truly unique dimension to your next conference, exhibition or show. Whether you’re looking to overcome a particular challenge, such as dealing with delegates who speak a number of different languages, or looking for a memorable way of engaging your audience, our multi-channel wireless conference audio systems can deliver the goods.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and we’re always happy to hear about a new and unusual application for our systems.

What does it do?

Typically, if you’re holding a conference or event, you’re limited to traditional public address (PA) systems to make sure your voice (or other audio content) is heard.

Naturally, this has some limitations – to be heard at the back of the venue, you either need to be real loud at the front, or have a complex multi-speaker system set up around your location. Complex set up, lots of cables and lots of cost.

Inevitably, everybody hears the same thing, at the same time. Including anybody who happens to be walking past the door to your venue at the time. Not ideal.

Our multi-channel wireless conference audio systems change all that.

Have your guests pick up a wireless headset on arrival, and then you are in control of the information you broadcast. Each headset uses long-lasting rechargeable batteries (which we ensure are all fully charged on delivery, giving you over 8 hours continuous use) and they each connect wirelessly to our central audio system.

You can then transmit music, pre-recorded audio or live ‘public address’ (i.e. you speaking into a microphone) and everyone gets their own personal set of speakers. No wires, no fuss.

That’s great for a standard conference, but what if you need something a little different? No problem, because our systems allow you to broadcast up to three different sources of audio (four, if you include live public address as well) at the same time.

An obvious application is if you need to transmit the same message to everybody, but do so in multiple languages.

An example of a more unusual use is when a client in the advertising industry wanted to do a live comparison of the audience reaction to multiple different soundtracks to an ad. Clever stuff.

What do you get?

We can provide the full system on a hire basis. The wireless headsets, the audio system (inputs, mixer etc), microphones, everything you need.

And we can either deliver the equipment to you, or we can come and set it up on your behalf.

From the very first enquiry, Silent Event were friendly, helpful and responsive. They took the time to understand what the event required and helped us to arrive at the most appropriate decision. They checked in every step of the way and wished us good luck on the day of the event. Everything was straightforward, the equipment worked smoothly and the staff very personable. Highly recommended.
Kit Denison, via Google Reviews
Was great to organise a silent disco event, people loved it, the gear was fantastic and the company (silent event) helpful and really easy to work with.
Tim Guilliams, via Facebook
Wow! We had a brilliant weekend and received a fabulous service from Silent Event - Thankyou! We made good use of the headsets with an 18th birthday party on Friday, a 16th birthday party on Saturday and we used them again just for a little family bop and to let Dad show off his moves on Sunday. We were so restricted for the kids birthday celebrations and this really made the weekend a lot of fun! Thankyou!
Dawn Kennedy, via Facebook
I hired kit from Silent Event for my Wife’s 40th camping extravaganza – quite frankly it was awesome! Everybody loved it and it totally made the party. It’s all people talked about after the event (although I’ll take some credit for the mix!). Sound quality was very good and importantly it was loud! Mind you, not so silent when you get massive shouts of ‘TUNE!’. Such a good laugh. So if its something you’re considering – just do it and contact Jerry. He was really helpful with options that were available and sorted out everything on the delivery and pick up. And cracking value I might add. We’ll definitely be looking to repeat the experience!”
Will Evans, Cambridge
It’s the most popular part of the whole event, we see the same people coming back month after month!
Spokesperson at Science Museum Lates
The service was great and the event was so much fun, we couldn’t get the headsets back!
Wedding party, Hampshire
I used Jerry for the silent disco on our youth night this year at the very last minute and right from the word go he was great to work with. The headsets are really good fun with their colours on the front to see who everyone is listening to. The headsets were clearly a better standard than others we have hired before which did make a difference. Thanks again for rescuing our night at the last minute!!!
Jonathan Faint, The Tent Event, Coney Hall, Kent.
Absolutely brilliant fun …. thank you!!
Martyn, Cheltenham
Silent Event wireless headphone personalised with company logos including Google, Amazon and Pepsi
Headsets can be branded with bespoke stickers for special events to promote your business or sponsors.

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